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5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Running & Jogging Today

Running has countless benefits for our bodies it can be tiring or painful yet million of the people Run to keep themselves fit and healthy. But you need to understand the importance of running if you want to grow your interest.

Running has endless advantages, there are so many physical exercises to keep oneself fit but most people prefer running over them. Eventually, it may be due to the fact that running does not require any type of specialized instruments or professional instructors.

Running is not only an exercise but it also keeps your body and soul refresh and enchanting. This exercise is free with no time limits and easily approachable for everyone.

It does not require a special or specific place to be done in fact running can even be done in your backyard. Some runners choose to run as their professional job and some people run to keep themselves smart and healthy. Furthermore, the below-mentioned lineaments justify the importance of running in our life.

importance of running

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Importance Of  Running

These points will prove the importance of running.

Improves Mental Health:

As mentioned before running is important for both our body and brain. It tones up the body and keeps the mind fresh and creative.

Runners can experience a sense of exhilaration and happiness after a run. Running has a direct link with our brain as it releases the endorphins in our brain which helps to relieve stress naturally. Endorphins are the chemicals released by our brain that improve our mood.

In addition, running increases the release of endorphins, maximizes self-esteem, raises confidence, improves sleep, and keeps you in a positive mood. Not only that running with pets like dogs improve mentally drastically.

Running improves the thinking ability of the brain in a positive way and makes the brain active to respond. The more you run, the more you breathe and in this way, all your frustration and anger moves out of your brain. Hence, you feel light and contented.

Running can eliminate all the stress from your mind that is very important if you’ve experienced a hard day full of stress.

Help to Build Strong Bones:

Running is a weight tolerating exercise that causes your lower body to bear your complete weight that ultimately helps a lot in strengthening the muscles and skeletal system. It is very beneficial in escalating joint stability and recovery from muscular injury or fractures. But you should follow it properly as it can cause considerable damage and joint injuries.

Moreover, running invigorates the skeleton of the body and builds the bones layer by layer. It is a very essential exercise for teenagers and young children whose bones are developing still. Running increases the immunity system of the body. It also improves bone density and lumbar support. Running has endless benefits to human health and the body that is why running is very important.

Why is running very important?

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Manage the Weight:

The most important and prominent advantage of running is that it manages the body weight. If you are running on a regular basis then your weight will never increase somehow it will remain constant or sometimes it can be decreased too.

Around 60% of the people run, jog, or do brisk walking not only to stay healthy but also to maintain their weight. Jogging and running are considered to be the most dynamic ways to burn extra body fat and stays healthy.

More importantly, running increases the blood circulation along with the heart rate; causes sweating by which all toxins get eliminates from the body.

Accelerate the aerobic capacity that keeps you fit and makes your body habitual of doing normal daily exercises like climbing, cycling, and swimming.

The balanced body-weight keeps the body safe from health problems like cholesterol, uric acid, and diabetes. Moreover, running improves health from top to toe. It strengthens the heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular attacks like angina, high blood pressure, and severe heart attacks.


Running is the free and effective workout of the world that does not cost a single penny but gives you countless health benefits. Include running in your daily routine and you will be spellbound by its unbelievable health benefits. It is a high-impact activity that boosts up every system of your body.

More importantly, it makes your skin glow like a star and speeds up your metabolism. One must take out at least 30 minutes from their busy routine to avail of the unimaginable benefits of running.

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